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Never feel fenced in by Nothing!

Breaking down the barrier an transitioning into a "Mainstream Norm" doesnt have a textbook way of happening. You just have to create a force big enough for different platforms to pick it up an promote an help you get capital to fund your whole movement. Or you can do what we did, create our own platform, write blog post about ourselves in third person, invest our own money, took some of Life's biggest risk to bring to you, Kush Junkie. It seems that if your picture isnt getting posted with words around for a description you are not important or the next big thing. What I can tell you is dont wait for that shit, write about yourself if you have to just to get it out there. Eventually the world will catch on to the greatness that is you an you will be able to sit back an remember when u had to do it all. Welcome to Kush Junkie Online an make sure you are not smoking trash an if you are not sure if it is just think, Can I pass this to Dank without getting clowned?

#Holidays #Islands #Travel

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